Developmental paediatrics

This is a specialty which brings together the disciplines of developmental neurology,  developmental morphology,  developmental physiology,  developmental psychology and developmental therapy. This field renders service to children who have cognitive,  learning,  behavioral,  communication and sensorimotor developmental needs,  through diagnostic and neuro-developmental promotions.


The Team

The current team consists of an office secretary,  developmental psychologist,  occupational therapist,  speech therapist,  developmental neurologist and a pediatrician.


We welcome children with various neuro-developmental needs for screening,  assessment and training. We currently offer services to high risk infants,  children with diverse neuro-developmental needs such as central motor dysfunction,  developmental communication dysfunction,  epilepsy,  visual and hearing impairment,  specific learning needs etc. We have conversations with families to help them to optimize the development and well being of their children. A play group for children with developmental needs is run bimonthly.

We plan to have a hall of residence to welcome families for short term stay in the hospital for a detailed observation and to provide individual learning plan.

  • We are getting a facility ready to provide Early Learning support for preschool children with developmental needs.
  • We are currently in touch with 5 schools in Kolenchery and hope to offer support for child development promotional activities.
  • We have plans for professional continuing education, clinical meetings and net-working with other service providers.