Studies undergoing (2012-2016)

  • National Rotavirus Hospital based Surveillance  and Impact evaluation
  • Alliance for Surveillance of Invasive Pneumococi  (ASIP study)
  • Comparative evaluation of immunogenicity of various schedules and delivery options to provide fractional Dose Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine in routine immunization in the post tOPV-bOPV period: A multi centric open label randomized controlled trial (India fractional dose IPV study)
  • Teenage evaluation program project for assessing physical and psychosocial development - yearly evaluation – More than 1000 children of std IX & XI in Private & Government hospital in Kolenchery. – Dr. M. A. Mathew
  • Study on feasibility of web-based disease reporting system – Kunnathunad Thaluk Ernakulam Dt -  using PDA – Dr.M.A.Mathew
  • “Pattern of morbidity,  immunization and nutritional status for admissions in pediatric wards,  march 2010 – march 2011, MOSC medical college,  Kolenchery- Dr. Smitha  Kunjachan & Dr. Chitralekha. S ( Study completed in 2011)
  • “Clinical and biochemical correlation of CSF CRP in acute bacterial and viral meningitis”- Dr. Sarath Chandara & Dr. M. A. Mathew (Study completed in 2011)
  • “Clinical study of Kawasaki disease and incidence of coronary artery abnormalities in Kawasaki disease and to analyse whether early treatment with IVIG can prevent coronary artery abnormalities”.- Dr. Anuradha & Dr. Chitralekha. S
  • “To study the prevalence of obesity among school children and to assess its risk factors. Dr. Robin Joseph Abraham &  Dr. Isac Mathai
  • A comparison of safety and efficacy of intranasal midazolam with intravenous lorazepem in acute seizures in infants and children – A randomized control study – Dr.Kingini  Bhadran & Dr. Chitralekha. S
  • Prevalence of prehypertension or hypertension in relation to obesity / overweight in adolescent school children.- Dr. Manu. Rajan Idicula & Dr. M. A. Mathew
  • “ Prevalence of anemia  among 6 months to 5 years old children admitted in Pediatric department and association with age gender,  nutritional status  and dietary habits”  - Dr. Shyama Manoj & Dr. Isac Mathai M
  • “Vitamin D status in healthy exclusively breast term infants till 4 months of age in Kolenchery”  - Dr. Anju Sarah Thomas & Dr. George Noble
  • “Peak expiratory flow rate values in healthy school going children between 8 to 12 years in Ernakulam district” – Dr. Jomon M John & Dr. Isac Mathai M
  • Benign epilepsy of childhood with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS)- Clinical Profile,  Problems in scholastic Performance and electro encephalographic characteristics – Dr. Dileesh K.S & Dr. Mathew
  • Validity of urine microscopy and urine dipstick in rapidly diagnosing UTI – Dr. Basil Joseph & Dr. M. A. Mathew
  • Role of serum sodium levels in recurrence and recurrent episodes of febrile seizures- Dr. Sara Benny & Dr. Isac Mathai M
  • A study on proportion of anaemia among adolescents in a tertiary care hospital – Dr.Sachin Mathew Jose & Dr. M. A. Mathew
  • Microbial Profile and culture & sensitivity pattern in otitis media – Dr. Biny B and Dr. Deepa T Unnikrishnan
  • Use of reagents strip in rapid dead side analysis of CSF for the diagnosis of acute meningitis – A cross sectional study in central Kerala - Dr. Hanna Angel Meleth & Dr. Isac Mathai M

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