Research and Publication

  • Burden of Rotavirus Diarrhea among Children Less than 5 Years in Kerala,  South India. (Dr. M. A. Mathew, Dr. Abraham Paulose,  Dr. S. Chitralekha, Dr. M. K. C Nair, Dr.Gagandeep Kang & Dr. Paul Kilgore) – Indian Pediatrics 2014.
  • Leveraging the national rotavirus  surveillance network for monitoring intussusceptions- (Dr. M. A. Mathew, Dr. Sreenivasan, Dr. Reshmi Arora & Dr.Gagandeep Kang)- Indian Pediatrics, July 2016
  • The Association of Obesity and Blood Pressure in Children Studying in Schools in a Rural Area(Rhea Anna Kurian, John Thomas C, Anna Mathew, Saravanakumar Veluswamy)   - Journal of Medical Sciences and Clinical Research 2015 (E Journal)

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