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Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study,  diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases,  disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, commonly in the dentition but also the oral mucosa and of the adjacent and related structures and tissues particularly in the maxillofacial region.

Field of dentistry / dental medicine is not limited to teeth but includes other aspects of the craniofacial complex including temporomandibular joint , maxilla , mandible , palate and other supporting structures.

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical profession dating back to 1700 BC with the Indus valley civilization. Pierre Fauchard was a French physician credited as the father of modern dentistry



Dental and oral and maxillofacial surgery department was started on 1971-72 with DR KT Paulose

The team of doctors then included

  • Dr Jolly John
  • Dr Gogi K Ninan
  • Dr Binu Thomas
  • Dr Thomas George
  • Dr Billy G Paul
  • Dr Thomas  P George
  • Dr Cherian K A
  • Dr Usha
  • Dr Dushint Paul
  • Dr Thomas Mathew
  • Dr Binu Augustine
  • Dr Suresh Vyloppilli


Our focus is on advancing services in all the areas of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery


Motto of the department is to provide basic dental care to all catagories of patient with various medical co-morbid condition and also to provide oral and maxillofacial services to trauma care and associated acute condition of the region.

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