General Medicine

Intermediate care unit (IMCU)

Patients who need more than ward care but less than intensive care are admitted in our IMCU. This is also managed by dedicated nursing staff. Most procedures done in the ICU except assisted ventilation are done in the IMCU.
Patients get admitted to our department through the casualty or the OP. Being a health care facility in a rural area we also have rich experience in treating snake envenomations and pesticide poisonings, problems unique to the rural community. Immense efforts are taken by the department to maintain cordial relationships with the sister departments of our hospital. Consultations are always seen on time and points are discussed with senior faculty so as to give the best medical attention possible. As we are aware of rising health costs and the strain it has on our community every effort is taken to practice medicine in a cost-conscious manner. Mechanization has widened the inter-phase between doctor and patient often leading to a loss of human touch. Every effort is taken to overcome this when we treat our patients. Our house-surgeons and post-graduate trainees are also trained in this manner.

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