General Medicine

Ongoing research and publications

  • Metabolic syndrome and its clinical correlates in a tertiary care hospital in central Kerala.
  • Prevalence and pattern of thyroid dysfunction in patients affected by type two diabetes mellitus attending in a rural tertiary care centre in South India.
  • Acute Kidney injury in leptospirosis,  Predictors of outcome.
  • Assessment of Serum Magnesium level in severe leptospirosis.
  • Aethiological profile of hepatomegaly.
  • Clinical and biochemical Predictors for early differentiations of leptospirosis and dengue in a rural tertiary care centre at central Kerala.
  • Ventilated associated pneumonia Incideme pattern in a tertiary care centre in South India.
  • Transaminases as predictors of severity of dengue fever.
  • Predictors of poisoning related mortality from a rural tertiary care centre at South India – A ten year retrospective cross sectional study.
  • Continuing research on various aspects of Leptospirosis.
  • Various aspects of snake bite and its management.

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